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World African Hair Braiding


Salon for Men's & Women's Braiding, Cornrows, & Weaves

Accent your look with hair braiding, cornrows, twisting, and weaves from our beauty salon in Detroit, Michigan. World African Hair Braiding can help you create any kind of look you are going for, whether it's two-layer and one-layer cornrows or a mohawk, we can do it. Our salon is very clean and orderly and we have very affordable prices compared to the competition. Contact us at (313) 736-5850 to schedule an appointment or simply drop on by.










Our stylist can provide you with extensions for twisting no matter what type of hair you have. We can twist hair in any direction that you would like to get the look you want. Visit our convenient location to view pictures of the different kinds of hair twisting we can do.


World African Hair Braiding offers two-layer and one-layer cornrows, as well as cornrows with extensions. Because our stylist is experienced and fast, we can have you in and out in three hours. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


You can buy your own extensions for us to put in or we can provide you with ours. Our stylist specializes in African American hair weaving no matter what type of hair you have. We promise to have the lowest rates in town. Call us for more information.

For five years now, individuals have come to World African Hair Braiding for affordable hair braiding and you should too. Our owner has enjoyed doing this for about 30 years. She began doing hair in West Africa before she came to America to go to school. To help her get through school she opened a business doing what she does best—all aspects of braiding.



Call us at (313) 736-5850 to make an appointment or stop by today for our hair braiding services.

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